Capture Ideas Throughout the Day

This post is most relevant to bloggers but the principles apply across the spectrum of people seeking more creativity in their lives.

Yesterday I wrote about a color capture software that works anywhere on the computer.  Today I have a similar item to share: an mp3 voice recorder.  Most cell phones these days have mp3 voice recorders built in as extras.  I have the Sony Walkman phone and it has an easy to access recorder built in.  They also sell them as stand-alone devices if you don’t carry a phone.

When I am driving down the road listening to my tunes, I often get a spark of inspiration for a post.  I have discovered the mp3 voice recorder comes in handy to capture the idea and later I return to the computer playing back any wonderful sparks I recorded.

Many people ask me how I write 3 blogs and keep up with life as I know it.  The answer is that it isn’t “labor” for me.  I use tricks like this one to keep it simple and almost “automatic.”  I’ve said before that I don’t “do” things to get inspired.  Rather, I get my “catching habits” in order so when inspiration strikes, I am ready for it.  Having said all that, I wouldn’t recommend three blogs for a beginning blogger.  It takes time to develop tricks that work for you and they vary writer to writer.  Whatever you do, do it from an inspired place.  The mp3 voice recorder is one way to discover that.

Flight Simulator Analogy

Kids are the final assessment step in the way you are viewed as an educator. Most mentor teachers will tell you the child’s well-being is your top priority and that you shouldn’t “teach to the test.” Kids are complicated and their success or failure should not be predicated on a test. Of course this is true but not always the best, most practical advice.

The test these days is king. It is not wrong to use it as your focus.

Getting kids ready for the “flight” of the test should be part of your routine. Giving kids a similar test over and over (daily? every other day?) is a great way to not only get data to adjust your teaching but also to get them “used to” the format and scenario of the test situation so,

View your time in preparation for the test as a flight simulator. I actually call the pretests I give “flight simulators” to the kids. At first they thought I had a video game for them, lol. Now they know what I mean, and they get excited about a chance to create their own success.

Open Minded at the Get-Go

When you take on a project, it’s important to remember that your ideas will grow and develop as you travel through it. Too many times I have visualized the end product of a project before it was time and ended up unsatisfied at the end. When a boss or family member etc. asks us to do something for them, we are filled with enthusiasm, we want a quick product. But would we settle for a quick product if it was for us personally? I wouldn’t. I spend a long time researching cars I want to buy (for example) or themes I want to use or websites I want to make before I set out to make them. The same should be true when we are working for others. Stay open minded and let the project take on a life of its own. I have always believe that life is a journey not a destination and if you know the destination before you start the process, you’ll be disappointed at the end.

This is especially important to remember now with the employment rate being as low as it is. We should emphasize what we can do today and out tomorrow will be better.

Strength in the face of adversity . . .

Columbia, SC: Kershaw Co. man cuts off own arm

I read this story and was so inspired. Not because I’d like to cut my arm off, but it shows the capacity we have as humans to do what we have to do, however horrific, to survive. This article is truly an example of a possibility thinker in action.

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC (WIS) – A Kershaw County man is sharing his story of survival. He faced a life or death decision when his hand got stuck in a piece of farm equipment, and then a fire broke out around him. What he did next might shock you, and we have to warn you that some of the details might be disturbing.

Temporarily Alive

Sounds morbid huh? Not to me. I see it as a positive, self-improvement mantra.  Most people have seen a dead person like a grandparent or friend in a casket at a funeral. We know they don’t look real. I remember my grandfathers both looked like wax. It is not their appearance that hits me the hardest it is the realization that they are not animated anymore. Some might even argue (and have) that it is because their soul has left the body. Whatever your explanation, it is undeniable that dead bodies look vastly different than living ones. I think you reach a plateau with the fear of death and you accept that everyone of us will indeed die. At that realistic point you can start to view people you encounter as really just temporarily alive.

You can ensure your words mean more because anyone you encounter, be it a boss or friend, will one day die. This can help with being direct, saying what’s most important only, and attempting to make a long lasting influence as much as possible. Of course it is first and foremost helpful in living a qualty life to accept that you yourself are only “temporarily alive.” This possibly morbid but certainly full-of-impact phrase has the power to change your life for the better. Laptop memory is affordable, but when our minds get to a certain age … all we can do is look back. Make the most of the time right now.

How might your day go differently with this mindset?