10 Examples of Barbaric Psychiatry

Mental health has not been an exact science for long. Some argue it still isn’t and that psychiatry is barbaric. Here is a simple list of ten types of psychiatry that qualify to me as barbaric, past and present:

Mental health has not been an exact science for long. Some argue it still isn’t and that psychiatry is barbaric. Here is a simple list of ten types of psychiatry that qualify to me as barbaric, past and present:

  1. ECT – Electric Shock
  2. Lobotomy
  3. Trephining (drilling a hole into the skull revealing the brain.)
  4. Bleeding
  5. Witch Trials
  6. Water dunking
  7. Unkempt Asylums
  8. Striking (sometimes to the head with bats)
  9. Opium and ether
  10. Over generalized diagnosis and prescription of psychotropic drugs for many mental disorders.

An Appeal to Care


When Columbine happened I had this sick feeling.  I think everyone in the civilized world did.  I had that feeling again tonight as I read this story on Yahoo! of a man here in California who shot his entire family in their home and then himself.  What is going on?  I keep asking myself.

Are you as sensitive about these things as I am? Do you want things to get better? It may take work.  We as creative possibility thinkers of our time have to reach out more.  We need to embrace one another and show interest in the dreams and hopes of those in our circle.  This mass murder reported in the news is nothing new.  I have heard about things like this for years, long since Columbine.

We need to exemplify caring in our workplace and in our families.  There is no social program that will fix our society, it has to be one to one individual to individual.  Show you care for others today.  I won’t sit here and tell you there will be a return on your investment.  Of course there might.  But do it because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’ll get something back.

When I imagine that other people like you are showing caring in this world, I sleep better at night.

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Managing Tasks to Keep Your Sanity

Remember the Milk is a web based task manager that can help you archive and complete your tasks on the web and in your daily life.

I just had to sit down and write a post telling you about a free service I use to manage my tasks, “Remember the Milk.” Now if you’ve been around a while you may have heard me mention this service and even give a few pathetic tutorials on it. This is different. I simply wanted to recommend “RTM” to you as a task manager, especially if you are a blogger.

At the same time, I recognize there are many ways to skin a cat. I used that phrase with my 10 year old students last week and they looked at me like I had killed their cat. It’s just an expression but it’s true that the human creature will always seek out innovative ways to get the job done.

RTM is simply one way to manage tasks, but it is one that is working excitingly well for me.

Without delivering a tutorial, since mine would be far inferior to the ones you can Google on your own, I just wanted to let you know about this amazing service and explain why I have it affixed to my shortcut bar.  I put new tasks up faster than I complete old ones but for once in my life thanks to rtm, I never forget any of them!

Capture Ideas Throughout the Day

This post is most relevant to bloggers but the principles apply across the spectrum of people seeking more creativity in their lives.

Yesterday I wrote about a color capture software that works anywhere on the computer.  Today I have a similar item to share: an mp3 voice recorder.  Most cell phones these days have mp3 voice recorders built in as extras.  I have the Sony Walkman phone and it has an easy to access recorder built in.  They also sell them as stand-alone devices if you don’t carry a phone.

When I am driving down the road listening to my tunes, I often get a spark of inspiration for a post.  I have discovered the mp3 voice recorder comes in handy to capture the idea and later I return to the computer playing back any wonderful sparks I recorded.

Many people ask me how I write 3 blogs and keep up with life as I know it.  The answer is that it isn’t “labor” for me.  I use tricks like this one to keep it simple and almost “automatic.”  I’ve said before that I don’t “do” things to get inspired.  Rather, I get my “catching habits” in order so when inspiration strikes, I am ready for it.  Having said all that, I wouldn’t recommend three blogs for a beginning blogger.  It takes time to develop tricks that work for you and they vary writer to writer.  Whatever you do, do it from an inspired place.  The mp3 voice recorder is one way to discover that.

Flight Simulator Analogy

Kids are the final assessment step in the way you are viewed as an educator. Most mentor teachers will tell you the child’s well-being is your top priority and that you shouldn’t “teach to the test.” Kids are complicated and their success or failure should not be predicated on a test. Of course this is true but not always the best, most practical advice.

The test these days is king. It is not wrong to use it as your focus.

Getting kids ready for the “flight” of the test should be part of your routine. Giving kids a similar test over and over (daily? every other day?) is a great way to not only get data to adjust your teaching but also to get them “used to” the format and scenario of the test situation so,

View your time in preparation for the test as a flight simulator. I actually call the pretests I give “flight simulators” to the kids. At first they thought I had a video game for them, lol. Now they know what I mean, and they get excited about a chance to create their own success.