Whats This About Getting Rich Through Blogging?

I use my PayPal card often (a card bloggers usually get paid through) to buy my circle of friends stuff like pizza and Baja Fresh … that’s enough for me to feel successful!

When I tell people I “blog” part time they immediately blurt out one of three responses: They, 1) seem confused and ask what blogging is, 2) want to know how much money I make -or- 3) ask if I can get them making money immediately.? For this reason, I usually don’t get into the topic of what has become my part-time job.? On the other hand, I use my PayPal card often (a card bloggers get paid through) to buy my wife, kids, and friends stuff like pizza and Baja Fresh (Baja tacos in the photo were paid for through blog money)? .. that’s enough for me to feel successful!? In fact, it’s amazing to me that I get paid for writing and tweaking code!? That, to me, is blogging.? This is probably due to the fact that 1) I don’t do it primarily for money, 2) I love to communicate and broadcast ideas, and 3) I prune my blogging to fit into no more than 15 hours a week (strict personal guideline).? I read an article tonight a Stumbleupon friend sent me that decries blogging as a “get-rich-quick” method.? I’d have to agree with that.? You won’t get rich quick doing it.? Having said that, you can make “fun money” through writing and tinkering with code and graphics.? I couldn’t ask for more in a part time job.

I did my time in college earning a BA, MA, and a teaching credential in California, one of the most rigorous states for credentialing.? I have a great job as a teacher and I work 185 days a year developing young minds.? What more could I ask for?? Well, there is something and I am doing it: blogging.? I have developed, after over 2 years, a method of setting blog goals and strictly organizing my time to create income as I go.? When I did my 2008 taxes I saw that I made nearly $3,000 blogging … it adds up!? Who would have thought you can make that kind of money writing about things like: appetite suppressants? If I was seeking a full time income, this would be disappointing but I am not.? Without my job, what would I write about?? Beyond that, I feel my blog helps my career.? Reflective journaling has been proven study after study to be an ideal habit for leaders in their fields.? I don’t blog to escape my life, my blog is integrated with my life.? Reading my blog you get life as I see it and I wouldn’t want to sit around in pajamas raking in millions through my blog.? Furthermore, I get comments and emails all the time from readers who tell me my “journal” has helped them in some way.

This year I hope to make more than last year but it still won’t be enough to pay my student loan each month.? One of my blog tenets is “100% transparency” and I publish my blog stats every month.? I’m not seeking to get rich blogging but I am seeking to get rich-er.? My college degrees, my teaching career, my 3 children and lovely wife make me rich in ways far beyond money.? I am comfortably writing about that every day and broadcasting a weekly podcast every weekend.? One part of my individual earning method is having 4 blogs instead of just one and scheduling post deadlines for myself throughout the week.? This allows me to have more variety in advertising pull and all I am doing is journaling, in essence.? I have been a mentor to a total of 11 people formally since I started this.? I tell them all I don’t know how to get rich at this, I only know how to manage time and tasks to write good content and and make some side money.? No one has backed out of being my mentee after hearing that.

In conclusion, If you read blogs to learn how to get rich, don’t waste your time on mine.? On the other hand, if you want to compare notes on how to get tacos and pizza and take your wife out on a fancy date once in a while, you would definitely profit from reading and listening to my stuff:

http://www.rileycentral.net/ – My thoughts on psychology and inspiration
http://www.rileycentral.net/ – My personal blog
http://www.rileycentral.net/ – My teaching reflections blog

What’s your take on blogging?

Reflections on Grind Show 7-28-12 and Why it Was Awesome

Reasons the Grind was awesome last night:

  • It was an encouraging crowd (as opposed to the silent kind).
  • I felt really relaxed which allowed me to hit some of the single string stuff better.
  • My family came and that rocked.
  • My dad took some great photos which I can use to promote future gigs.
  • I got some tips from people who thanked me for the music
  • and … I remember most the lyrics!!! (Bonus) Rocket Man felt really great as if the room changed colors.
  • I play the Grind again 8-11-2012 7:30-9 I hope some of you can make it out.

50 Blogging Tips that Deliver

If you want to set yourself apart as a blogger, you have to do a few things differently. These tips are the best advice I have to offer.

Needs revision

If you want to set yourself apart as a blogger, you have to do a few things differently. These tips have helped me in my blogging career. They are the result of intensive and committed blogging. Some are guidelines, others are more like explicit instructions. Good luck with your journey. I welcome feedback as comments or questions.

  1. Be mentored: offer someone doughnuts!
  2. Monitor inbound links.
  3. Don’t link out more than you have inbound links.
  4. Write a dynamite “ABOUT” page for your blog.
  5. Have a “Best of” page.
  6. Guest blog out there.
  7. Host guest bloggers on your blog.
  8. Write reviews with proper references (ie; IMDB for movies)
  9. Optimize use of categories.
  10. TAG by idea, not by words used.
  11. Write great excerpts, summaries, and introductions.
  12. Use search words in your title.
  13. Pick a simple theme and then test, test, test.
  14. Paragraphs no longer than 10 sentences.
  15. Here today, gone tomorrow: remember your post is not a bestseller in process. Write it and move on.
  16. Submit your best stuff to social media. Even better, ask your friends to.
  17. NOFOLLOW when you should NOFOLLOW.
  18. Outline your post. Don’t “freewrite.”
  19. Use pictures.
  20. Get a picture hosting and posting routine you like.
  21. Use Google Reader. Leave comments.
  22. Have a minimal sidebar. Most the “flair” out there is so distracting and lame.
  23. Make subheadings in BOLD.
  24. Don’t “create” topics, wait for them to come to you. be ready with a yellow pad or tape recorder.
  25. Use the future posts timestamp feature of WordPress to get more than one post started in one sitting.
  26. Schedule deadlines to be mailed to you through Google Calendar (No, I don’t work for Google … wish tho ;) )
  27. Find your “niche” and become a slave to it.
  28. Value SEO and learn things about it.
  29. Set goals.
  30. Monitor results of goals.
  31. Spell check and correct basic grammar. Try Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.”
  32. Make posts over 100 words, around 200 words and usually not more than 400 words.
  33. Get away! Time off captures ideas.
  34. Go to the Library for inspiration.
  35. Use RANK then do not pay any attention to it.
  36. Value real readers not empty “click-through” traffic.
  37. Know your stats.
  38. Be entertaining.
  39. Regularly post.
  40. Be accessible as an author.
  41. Blogging is not instant gratification.
  42. Spend most your time working on your own blog and smaller amounts commenting and blog hopping.
  43. Adjust as necessary, be flexible.
  44. Don’t look for advertisers, rather look to be the type of blog that would have advertisers.
  45. Check out addons and plugins available to you.
  46. Take an official photo.
  47. Be a brand.
  48. Ask for feedback
  49. Put ideas in your blog as “drafts” for rainy days.
  50. Measure success on your own terms.