"How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you."

“How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.”

(via thelovejournals)

I really needed to hear this tonight. I thought I was doing someone a favor and they stabbed me in the back. When this happens, I have a tendency to want to get back at the person but I know that isn’t helpful.

Tomorrow I will have to see this person and I want to focus on making them feel good. Not a very exciting proposition I know but it’s the way I was raised. I don’t want to live with a me who makes people feel bad. With all that I am and all I can try to be, I want people who come into contact with me to feel good. Of course, there is a time to stand up for yourself but I don’t think I am anywhere near that with this person. They actually are pretty sad and need my help not my chastising.

Have you been in a situation where someone stabbed you in the back when you helped them? How did you deal with it.

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serious: the fidget spinner hopes to stop the stigmatization of…


the fidget spinner hopes to stop the stigmatization of fidgeting;
it’s a toy that helps you fidget! 

My daughters are crazy over theirs. I’m not quite sure why I spent $30 so they could have them … the jury’s still out.

Life and Chalk Lines

Photo credit: darksilenceinsuburbia

I’ve been making chalk lines lately. I think I’m getting close to the best boundaries. I’ve learned through trial and error what shouldn’t bother me, like work fears (irrational ones that is). I used to get those so much when I found out after the fact I was doing a way better job than most. It’s my personality to second guess myself. I’m taking care of that line.

I’m giving myself more lattitude to make mistakes. Life is one big first take. We do get second tries on most things. Think about it. I think the highest individual is the ne who sees failure and let down as part of the whole picture that makes us “US.” I wouldn’t be here today with the peace I feel without the stress of past days. My how I thought the end had come more than once. It’s a great aphorism to “sleep on it.” In the am this are always smaller, more compressed. For younger people it’s hard to sleep. I tell you there is an art and talent in not giving a shit. If you aren’t there, aspire to it and don’t hate those who are there, like me.

Classroom Setup 2015

We only had one day this year to get our rooms ready for the first day of school. As is traditional, I’m posting photos. Tomorrow is the first day the kids come back. I’m excited about fleshing out all the content walls, including the new feature: a college wall.

One of the final views. Notice the cut out letters at the top.
Mr. Pig and Mr. Duck are ready!
Tables in position.

I only had a day. there is SO much for a teacher to do, a list is invaluable. without one, I’d be dead in the water.
Notice how the walls are bare? This is what I came to work to find today.