Stop the Ice Cream Man Wendy! It’s Frosty Time

Wendy’s had the best frosties! I guess they still have them, though I recall them from my childhood, haven’t been in years. That was their claim to fame with me. They are too thick for a straw so they would give you a spoon with them.

Another frosty I recall was the frozen malt kind you got from the ice cream man. I used to keep a tube sock full of quarters for when he came around. Those frosties were made by Carnation and they were called malts. You’d eat them with a small flat “spoon.” These are the cool, sweet images the word frosty summons to my memory.

Mama’s Losin’ It

Author: Damien Riley

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8 thoughts on “Stop the Ice Cream Man Wendy! It’s Frosty Time”

  1. Wendy’s does do a Frosty right. If you haven’t been for ages, you may have missed their vanilla version. I resisted –being in love with the original and all–but I gotta tell you that is some more good stuff.

  2. I enjoy a Vanilla Frosty every once in a while. I remember working at Sonic when I was 16…so long ago…and learning the difference between malts and shakes. Only one thing is different.

  3. You had me at Wendy’s frosty! I was introduced to them as a preteen and have been a fan ever since. You must dip your fries in them. Yumm! Chocolate only, for me.

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