Solvang Danishes Dance on my Head

Simple danish and coffee are akin to my new blogging style: simple photo, less text.

There’s a small city on the way up California to San Francisco I love to stop at on our way through. There are windmills on every corner and the streets are modeled after Danish architecture. The food is also authentic and the aroma of the place always takes me “away.”

This is a photo I took almost 4 years go when we stopped in a Danish bakery for coffee and danishes. Since then I’ve never tasted better lemon filling. Today was a day off for me. I am a teacher so I’m fortunate to have weekends off. I woke up and had a danish with my Starbucks. The peaceful easy feeling took hold.

This promises to be a very effective year for my blog. Almost everything I post these days is a huge photo with much less text than I’m used to. I think becoming an effective blogger with followers means accepting there are so many other blogs vying for their attention. Why make them stay too long reading your post? Why not give them a high resolution photo. This is my evolution. I’ll stop now to let YOU the reader go somewhere else, I’m not clingy like that.

Author: Damien Riley

Damien Riley is a blogger, film reviewer, & podcaster who writes a column at once a week. He has an MA in English from California State University, Fullerton. He married a high-desert princess (now his queen). They have 3 children.

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