Plugins can be addictive. As with themes I recommend you keep these to a minimal pattern. If there is anything you can do on your own without plugins: ie; tags in the header, favicons, etc, I recommend you do it manually. Plugins can be a doorway to hackers. At first you will be tempted to try every plugin and that is fine, but have a long term goal of reducing them in number to 15 or so.

Before I list my favorite plugins, I wanted to give you a tip on a weight loss pill. You should weigh every decision based on its merits. This website can help you. I hope it does if you are in the market for it.

Now for the listing: My favorite plugins vary but for the moment I’d say my top ten are:

WP-PostViews, @Reply w comment preview, AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget (drop-down), All in One Adsense and YPN, HeFo, In Series, Nofollow Links in Posts, Popularity Contest, Subscribe To Comments, and Twitter Tools

Have fun exploring plugins but remember, there is a reason WordPress doesn’t include them in the core. Use them at your own risk.

Author: Damien Riley

I'm a blogger, film critic, & podcaster with an MA in English from California State University, Fullerton. I teach public school, 4th grade as my primary occupation. My views on films and life are usually headstrong and often 'left of center' on movies and life, but I have respect for the other side. I married my high-desert princess (now my queen). We have 3 children.