If We Were Having Coffee 1.17.2016

If we were having coffee, I might share how I love my teaching job of 17 years but appreciate the escape I get from blogging, if I could do it for a living I might. Either way I think everyone needs a recreative hobby to keep their mind cool and creative. Blogging is one of mine, Guitar is another. “If We Were Having Coffee” is an awesome writing prompt.


Analog Conversation in Life of Riley


For my answer, I’ll need to make a parameter: grown up social time. At work I talk with 10 year olds all day, it’s my job. I’ve heard of teaching kids in a lab scenario where they send the teacher electronic messages and such but at my school  we’re not there yet. So, most of my days M-F I am having analog conversation with real, small people in person. But then there are the other times after work when I’m not playing the teacher role. Let’s take a look at those conversations.

Still, I am talking analog with my daughters on the way home. Not so much with my son because he’s 17. I catch up on the day with my wife. After that, I am composing something or writing comments on other blogs. I get to know people online this way. It is a slower way to get to know someone but once the back and forth is flowing, it feels like you’ve known them in real life. So, as you can see I think my analog to digital conversation is still slanted to the analog. I think as long as people need people in proximity to people, as in school, analog conversation will always tip the scale.