Fearless Fantasies

Damien Riley playing a soulful tune at the Grind.

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

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Life without fear is stepping right up to solutions at the doctor’s office and the dentist. It’s accepting a request to play a song you’ve only heard on Spotify but never practiced -and getting applause-. Life without fear is curiosity about what is around the bend, you don’t hold back.

Watching a horror movie without fear is becoming a Fangoria and fan and saying to yourself, “How’d they DO that?” Of course, without pain, we start to rot from our injuries we ignore because of lack of pain. Sometimes, pain is our friend and at all times it’s okay to be scared in a horror movie. Pain gets a bad rap.

Pain is a megaphone reminding us to take care. Sometimes even a small amount of fear works that way. Zombies have no pain or fear for example. And, let’s face it, there are things we should be afraid of like physically hurting ourselves or losing our jobs -so we work hard to keep them-. A life without fear has its advantages but how much ibuprofen can you take before your limbs start falling off? There’s a place for fear. The good person ponders it and decides what is real and what needs to be ignored.

Diary Entry 12.27.2015


On Christmas eve my wife and I went shopping at the grocery store. We got important ingredients, snacks and sundry items for our Christmas morning with her parents and our trip to my parents the same afternoon. Fun but a little exhausting I must say.

The best part of Christmas was seeing Star Wars at 10pm. What a great film! They got this one right. I’ve completely revamped my blog theme and rethought a lot of elements. 2 really cool things that I like a lot are the posts in sidebar: latest status on Twitter and latest move review snippet. You check them out by clicking “Home” on the toolbar below the header.

I put in a cool header image as well. When I’m happy with my blog appearance, it’s always a good day :) Tomorrow should be very busy. There is talk of seeing Krampus!

This Blogger’s Got Tools

My Blogging Paraphenalia

I have accumulated what I feel is the perfect set of hardware blogging tools. When I blog and use these tools, I feel totally “in the now.” I also feel like I can do this hobby long into my twilight years, even until my dying day. It’s not like most demanding jobs, you just get your thoughts into the box and press publish. Here’s a list of what you see in the photo above. Maybe someday I’ll write a post of how I use each tool. I love this non-job :) Happy Sunday and happy blogging!

My Blogging Paraphernalia

This are my blogging tools @12 o’clock and going clockwise center to right and so on: Bose bluetooth speaker for musical inspiration as needed, mophie portable backup power supply for the iPhone, iPhone 6 plus, Foldable bluetooth keyboard for iPhone composing, Niko Coolpix S7000 w/WiFi interactive capability with the iPhone, Nook w/backlight, Buffalo power wood box and figure, bearclaw back scratcher when I’ve been at it too long, bifocal glasses case, ball point pen, felt tip pen for handwritten journaling, Moleskine journal, stamp pad, and a date stamp for stamping my handwritten journal entries. Not pictured: laptop.

My post this afternoon is in response to these prompts:

Sometimes, we get caught up in nostalgia, future fantasy, or both, and we don’t embrace the “now.” For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it.

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What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

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