Puppeteers – Unsung Heroes of Sesame Street

It is Ernie playing the rhyming game but the cameras go “behind the scenes” where you can see the puppeteers. You even see their mistakes and re-takes. Watch for the classic moment when Ernie’s puppeteers misses his line and exclaims, “Oh crap!”

I love a good puppet show. In fact, at my first birthday party I am told there was a puppet show there. It makes sense because I always stop for one be it along Venice Beach or when I am watching children’s television like PBSkids with my daughters. Probably the best puppeteer I have ever seen on video is Senor Wences. After that, every muppet on Sesame Street runs a close second. Check out this video, it’s “Erinie” for gosh sakes, of Ernie and Bert. I looked up a skit my daughter was watching on Sesame Street today and found this diamond in the rough Youtube video. It is Ernie playing the rhyming game but the cameras go “behind the scenes” where you can see the puppeteers. You even see their mistakes and re-takes. Watch for the classic moment when Ernie’s puppeteers misses his line and exclaims, “Oh crap!” Note: you can barely hear it but make sure you preview the video before showing it to your kids. When I grow up, I wanna be a puppeteer. They are masters of illusion for people of all ages. And if you think it doesn’t require skill, try it at your kid’s next birthday party.

How I do WordPress Blog Backups

Restoring your blog’s files or database after a crash or something else is something you hope you’ll never have to do. Still, it is something you probably will have to do at some point. You need to know your method to get it done.I currently run 8 valuable blogs so I can’t afford to just say, “Oh well.”

After years of trial and error backing up databses (mostly error) I have finally arrived to a method I feel is superior to any I’ve yet run across. It involves no plugins and I use it for my WordPress self-hosted blogs.

1) Login to Cpanel (this assumes you have a Cpanel interface).

2) Go to File Manager

3) Select the Worpress blog folders you want to backup and click “compress”

4) Click to reorder the files by type so you see all the compressed folders at top.

5) Select the wordpress blog folders you want to download for backup, download them to your computer.

6) Now for the databases … go to the backup wizard selecting sql files. My path to it looks like this:


7) One by one, click and download zipped files of each.

8) Organize all zipped files according to blog. hint: You find out the name of the database for each blog in the wp-config file of a blog.

There is a lot of help on the web restoring these files but there is no help in the universe that can get files back you don’t have. Something to remember.

Rileys' Summer Vacation and Once a Month Cooking

Thoughts about Once a month cooking and other ways to save money while staying effective an motivated as a family.

It’s been a great summer vacation full of fun and easy healthy recipes. The highlight so far has been our trip to lake Isabella. It was great weather and the swimming, boating and “vegging out” was definitely right up my alley. We’ve been eating out a lot which has been nice but it has caused Sarah to “think outside the box” regarding our expenses. She’s come up with a plan where she cooks all our freezer meals twice a month. She thinks it will save us a lot of money each month. If it does, that will be awesome. Like everyone, we are struggling in this recession but we are not doing as bad as many we know. Thanks to God for that. I do think this is a time when we should be learning new “grooves” that are not as expensive. It will be awesome to eat food together she has cooked way in advance. I think she said it will be $8-9 for these fast meals (as opposed to $8-12 a plate!).

It does seem a lot of expensive bills and emergencies keep coming our way. The most notable has been the pool pump. It got fried last week and the home warranty wouldn’t cover it. It turned out to not be as expensive as I had thought (I feared 2-3k) but it is still substantial. I keep telling my wife these “tests” are all for a reason. I really believe that. Like the “old indian,” I have seen more sunsets than her so I am going to assume in this situation I may have some wisdom to chill the family out.

All in all, I have no complaints. The kids are growing just like God planned and Sarah is achieving all her work and college goals. We have another week before I go back to work and I think it’s gonna be my best teaching year ever. (Too bad there aren’t freezer meals for lesson plans!)

Listen to The Voice of Wisdom (Link)

Quote from the page: “Energy comes from feeling good, not from eating well or sleeping a lot. Hinohara says we all remember how as children, when we were having fun, we often forgot to eat or sleep. He believes that we can keep that attitude as adults, too, and that it’s best not to tire the body with too many rules such as lunchtime and bedtime.”

There’s a lot more great tips we should remember as we begin to head back into the classroom! To read them, click the link below:

Listen to The Voice of Wisdom