Opinion Battles Round Two Favourite Oscar Winning Best Picture

Darren at Movie Reviews 101 hosts “Opinion Battles” in which I am a contributor. Movie reviewers/bloggers compete with a blurb about their pick for their favorite oscar winning best picture. I picked “A Beautiful Mind.” You can vote for mine or any other favorite Oscar Winning film you agree is best at Darren’s post, linked below.

We are about to hit Oscar season and what better than to pick our favourite Oscar Winning Best Picture because let’s face it we do love some more than others.If you want to take part in the next round which is Favourite Ryan Reynolds Role to celebrate the release of Deadpool, if you want to take part end your pick to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by Sunday the 7th February 2016.Darren

Source: Opinion Battles Round Two Favourite Oscar Winning Best Picture | Movie Reviews 101

Author: Damien Riley

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