Opening the Pool 2016 #transformationtuesday #photoblog #diary

Opening a pool can be like a transformation, or a stairway to heaven once it’s done. It’s the agony that gets you to the ecstasy. Hopefully I haven’t given my family too much agony :)

[FAG id=39367]

About four weeks ago I pulled out the pool equipment that had been laying dormant a year. My anticipation was to have the pool opened and sparkling in a week or two. That’s what it normally takes. Not so this time. There was more sediment in the bottom than ever. I learned about “Vacuum to waste” and even tried it but it took so much time and water that I nearly flooded the neighbor’s yard many times. In the end, I just had to backflush and refill with diatomaceous earth over and over until I could see the bottom. I think I went through 10 boxes of DE. It’s been a miserable time doing it but now, we are just about to clear pool heaven. Just so you know, I’ll be living in my pool this Summer. That is of course, when I’m not in Hawaii ;)

Author: Damien Riley

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