My Christmas Present [video]

I had my son video me foe my audience. I show off my new car stereo my wife bought me.

Sarah bought me a cool gift for my Jeep this year. This is me explaining and sharing it. What you don’t see is that is around 40 degrees outside. brrrrrr.

Author: Damien Riley

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4 thoughts on “My Christmas Present [video]”

  1. I haven’t been dropping by here as often as I should (been reading your site feed through my email) but when I saw this post title, I just had to watch the video.

    Congrats on the cool stereo! Have you been hint-hint-hinting to Sarah allyear long or was it a pleasant surprise? :D

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Ms last blog post..Happy Holidays

  2. @M: No prob. Stop by when you can. Sarah surprised me. My CD has been stuck in my Jeep for like a year so it was one of those much appreciated gifts! Thanks for the comment have a very happy season!

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