Love Teaching Reading Blogging on a Wednesday Afternoon

When a child is born, the parents usually find they will never love anything as much. That’s an easy love. A more difficult love is, for a teacher for example, seeing the future citizens of the world in your difficult students. That’s no easy love. If I want to be known as a really loving person, I need to concentrate on the difficult love and be driven to it.

I’m reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. It’s a horror novel but at present they are introducing the main character and it’s really just Americana reverie. I grew up with a lot of the products he mentions in the early chapters. It’s very descriptve and detailed and I’m staying with it. Had a breakthrough in blogging today. I got 4 reblogs and 14 likes on my tumblr journal challenge post. That’s a record after about 10 years on Tumblr. I guess I found my challenge!

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