Curiosity & Necessity Will Get it Eventually

Do you ever feel like your age and experience is “out of step” with what’s going on around you?

Some days I need to hear this phrase. Do you ever feel like your age and experience is “out of step” with what’s going on around you?

I started teaching in 1997 and kids loved the horror movies with “Chuckee” in them. Later on it was Spongebob. I’ve used what movies the kids like to capture their interest and get them to learn age-old things like math and language arts. It’s hard to know what they like anymore. My two daughters help me a lot.

I remember learning this software I use now to talk with you: WordPress. It was cool because it was free and so new. I learned how to make posts and import photos. Little things like plugins now we’re Hughes explorations back then. I used ftp to pull plugins into a folder and activate them in the admin screen. Now there is so much automation. Bear in mind that was in 2005 and Facebook didn’t even show up on the scene until 2006 when it was offered to anyone with an email address. There were so many people averse to it but now it’s commonplace with these same people.

Now my new thing is podcasting. I can’t begin to list how much I can do now that I couldn’t last year or the year before. It’s an issue of being curious based on necessity and then searching and playing with new things.

I reblogged this photo on tumblr. The words are mine.

Author: Damien Riley

I'm a blogger, film critic, & podcaster with an MA in English from California State University, Fullerton. I teach public school, 4th grade as my primary occupation. My views on films and life are usually headstrong and often 'left of center' on movies and life, but I have respect for the other side. I married my high-desert princess (now my queen). We have 3 children.