Set Controls For The Road Ahead

Onward upward, keep on trucking … catch phrases like these are so helpful on life’s journey.

I can never get enough of photos like these.

I am driven to the road ahead. No matter what is going on around me good or bad, I always think about what is up artound the bend. I was like tis before I got married and had kids and when I was going through the early years of a family. I’m like that now, wth 2/3 still at home and in school and one moved out. Thankfully I can report I am still married.

But even now I’m peering into wha’s ahead. I’ll be one birthday older in June and I hope to be curious then. It’s the desire for more road that keeps me feeling young. Even when I ook in the mirror or at ohotos, I see a guy on a youthful quest. So, today without any further ado, I say … set controls for the road ahead, accelerate.

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Loving Life Out on the Edge

Check out the cabana style beds, the warm water stretching out to the edge of the penthouse suite. Yeah, isn’t that amazing. I live in this sort of place, When people lay a trip on me, I go there. When they swear I better watch it or else, the boss is gonna get me or any other manner of scary paranoia going around. It’s a bunch of crap, go to this pool in your mind.

Even today I got vibes meant to take me down. Man they are all around us. Creativity shines when it’s protected. Keep your heart and mind that way.. When it’s your chance to shine be ready. Rest your arms on the edge of this pool and let your mind relax. That’s what’s creating and innovating is all about, it starts at this pool. Have you got it yet? Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting about it. If you want to know what’s going on with me? Look at this pool.


Marina Bay Sands.

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