Loving Life Out on the Edge

Check out the cabana style beds, the warm water stretching out to the edge of the penthouse suite. Yeah, isn’t that amazing. I live in this sort of place, When people lay a trip on me, I go there. When they swear I better watch it or else, the boss is gonna get me or any other manner of scary paranoia going around. It’s a bunch of crap, go to this pool in your mind.

Even today I got vibes meant to take me down. Man they are all around us. Creativity shines when it’s protected. Keep your heart and mind that way.. When it’s your chance to shine be ready. Rest your arms on the edge of this pool and let your mind relax. That’s what’s creating and innovating is all about, it starts at this pool. Have you got it yet? Don’t worry, I’ll keep posting about it. If you want to know what’s going on with me? Look at this pool.


Marina Bay Sands.

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Ceiling Dreams


Illumination by @neverwearthem

Whoever wrote “The sky’s the limit” wasn’t indoors. This photo sort of describes the way I feel today. There are so many things I want to be doing but as I am getting older, I find I haven’t the time to make them real.

Teaching is an electric car. You can go for miles if you charge up. If not, well uh you get it. You can’t always be going. I have learned this over years of doing it. If you fill up though, you can give a lot. That’s why I try to pamper myself and come to the party planned and ready. Kids are amazing but they can sap your energy like anyone else. Go into the game eating your wheat it’s I say. That’s what I’ve been doing and I see the results.

Blogging is probably one of my most fun yet hard to discipline dreams. On paper it sounds so simple:

rileycentral.blog – Syndicate my projects and write an online diary.

rileyfilm.reviews – review a movie a day

damienriley.com – record and produce a podcast a week

These are my goals and dreams I share with thee. Almost habits ;) Good ones at that. Keep on trucking Riley (I tell myself) one day it will pay off.

Seeing dreams on the ceiling isn’t a squat, it’s actually a hell of a lot taller than you think.

Road Stop Iced Tea vs. Grocery Store

I don’t know exactly what it is, but sometimes an over priced $1.50 Lipton Iced tea purchased at a road stop gas station tastes universes better than the same one in a six-pack bought on sale at a grocery store.

Maybe it’s because you only have one.

When you know there’s only one, you sip and savor . . . you don’t gulp. It might take about 5 minutes to drink a grocery tea as opposed to 20 or even 30 to finish your road stop one.

In my town we have a grocery store called “Food for Less.” At Food for Less there isn’t much of a selection, and the prices are dirt cheap. At the same time, we have Ralphs. Ralphs has an amazing selection but sky high prices. If I ever shop at Ralphs, it’s amazing how good the food tastes. Maybe I’m just spoiled, with a silver spoon in my mouth or something, but I swear it’s true! For me anyway.

That’s probably why I shop at Stater Bros., which is a happy medium between the two.

3 Tips on How to Survive an Amusement Park with Kids

Yesterday I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California and these pictures are the stories of our exciting day. I’ve thrown in few valuable survival items that may help you out on your next trip to an amusement park. It was my wife (32), myself (40), our son (11), and his three friends (11,11,14). Taking three pre-adolescents to Magic Mountain was a blast. Having said that, we got a workout!

#1) Get the free refills cup! The drink cup my son is holding cost $12.99. He was able to refill it anywhere in the park all day for one price. At first when my wife suggested getting on, I scoffed at the high initial price. However, after the day was over, when he had refilled it about 10 times at no extra charge, it wasn’t hard to do the math on how much we saved. Ideally, these wouldn’t be shared items but we found that our son and his friends didn’t mind drinking by pouring the cup in their mouth. This way they can share and no one gets germs. This is also probably against the terms, but I haven’t checked.

YOU MAY GET WET! Here’s a tip I am very excited about. If there are water rides, and there are a few quite intense ones at Magic Mountain,

#2) bring a plastic bag the size of a large ziploc or grocery bag.You can keep your electronic items such as cell phones, PDA, video cameras, etc. protected as you carry your purse or bags on board. If a cell phone gets wet, it’s most likely to be history. Bring the bag!

#3) Use “non-ride” attractions to wear the energetic kids down. Waiting in lines can actually be tiring. You can avoid doing it so many times by going to shows throughout the day and taking advantage of photo opportunities such as this one. Can you tell which ones are the grown-ups? LOL. We suggested that the kids flex like “crime fighters” with the great characters Batman and Robin.

Have fun! Your kids will watch you and probably make fun of you or act “too cool.” Still, you are there to set an example. If they watch you having fun, they are likely to be less afraid of the big rides and more ready for bed when they get home! Who said being a parent meant you couldn’t have fun at an amusement park?

2016 Year End Blog Stats – rileycentral.blog

Hi readers. This year I saw a lot of changes on my blog. First I give the the data, then I talk a little:

By happenstance, WordPress.com’s Daily Post could NOT receive pings from damienriley.com so I switched to rileycentral.net which had been dormant for a few years. It worked to ping WordPress and thereby get the word out more about my blog. I will be letting damienriley.com go I think when it expires, it does nothing for me. Until then, it forwards to rileycentral.blog

I got really gung ho about Riley Central again. I used it as a place “where all my online stuff comes together.” In other words, it was, and still is, a syndication spot for all my blogs and online stuff like Tumblr and Flickr. I write original material there as well. I crossposted everything to that blog and learned a lot about crossposting (syndication) along the way. I recommend a syndication place for everyone. If for nothing else, it becomes a backup of all your work elsewhere.

Probably the most significant milestone of 2016 was my movie critic hat. I have reviewed movies on websites and blogs I’ve started since the late 1990’s. I hadn’t taken it very seriously until 2016. I joined the LAMB, the Large Ass Movie Database, and they required a film niche blog for acceptance (actually they are fairly allowing but I wanted a specific film reviewing blog). Darren Lucas referred me to the LAMB and it really got me serious about movie blogging. Thank you Darren (again). That blog is now “Riley Film Reviews” rileyfilm.reviews As you can see I have taken advantage of the new domain extensions now available!

A final note must include the podcast Darren and I started. I am nowhere near as cool as him in the niche. Still, I know a lot about the technical side of blogging and podcasting. Together and relying mostly on his coolness we have made gradual improvement and success in the number of visitors to our podcast. It’s a movie podcast he titled “Talking Stars.” That domain is talkingstarspodcast.com

In 2017, I plan to continue these projects. I feel as if I’m in a very good place right now. The biggest challenge to me and to any blogger seeking to succeed in 2017 for that matter, is: create great, fucking-amazing content first and effective social media second. Happy New Year!

Damien Riley

Online Diary 11-8-2016

Wood, costumes, an instant camera, & gold rush husk dolls. My online diary entry for today. A few words and photos going out today.

Online Diary: ‘The Halloween Night an Evil Clown Scared the Bojangles out of my Daughter’

I love my 9 year old so much. She’s the last of 3, the “baby” if-you-will in our family. Seriously though, wouldn’t this guy freak you out? We turned the corner onto a lively cul-de-sac and there he was, growling at her.
Damien Riley Scary Halloween MaskHe was indeed scary but to his credit he walked up to her and took his mask off to try and calm her down. She wanted no part of that either. When Julianna clutches to me, she gets a lock grip. I actually got marks on my arm when we saw a scary movie with her once. She’s a tough kid but when she gets scared, she runs to daddy like a lightning bolt.

We walked by a few other garage haunted houses that night, but I didn’t force her to partake much. She was 7 that year, now she’s 9. I don’t know how much she’ll get scared when we go out trick or treating. My other daughter Isabella next to her (with the red eyes LOL) isn’t as scared. She’s a couple years older, mind you. Maybe this year, the little one will get it that being scared is kind of fun.

Sometimes though when I look at this photo I have to ask myself: “Why do I subject my kids to this?” Stay tuned for a Halloween photoblog when we go out yet again on Halloween night. You got any stories? Do share!

Online Diary 10/18/2016 – ‘Use Your Illusion’

The little things become what life was, looking back, when we’re older. I try to escape the idea of nothingness and death by keeping this little online diary. I imagine one day I’ll sit somewhere in a big puffy leather chair with my coffee or other hot beverage and all this crap I typed will make me smile. (Don’t step on my illusion please. It’s working for me)

“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.” — Herman Hesse
“Learn what is to be taken seriously and laugh at the rest.” — Herman Hesse

To quote Sausage Party, “A Hero will rise.” It looks like it won’t be Trump. He is a tiny person. I have never lost so much respect for someone than I have of him in the past weeks. And, contrary to his paranoid beliefs, it isn’t because of a biased media, it’s because of him. November 9th can’t get here soon enough for me. I’ve just voted by mail.

The ‘Talking Stars Podcast‘ has been happening every weekend. I never planned on that. It’s been fun but this weekend is a weekend off. The fruits of our labors allow us to do that. We are on the verge of recording our 20th episode! Too cool, I am excited about that. This podcast is all about movies. If you review movies on your blog or you are in movies in any capacity, you may want to be on our show. It’s a little publicity and fun, in my opinion. Contact me at rileycentral@gmail.com

I’m cutting way back on coffee. Health reasons. I even started drinking instant because it’s way less caffeinated than Starbucks. It’s hard some days but I like getting through a day knowing it has no hold on me. It’s been a great couple of weeks since my last online diary entry. Hope you’re doing well too. Please leave me a comment, I don’t get enough of those. Would love to hear someone chime in and say hello: I dare you ;)