GoodBye dot com – I Bought a .blog Domain:

Watch Matt, founder of WordPress, talk about this new domain extension .blog Exciting stuff!

I’m feeling spiffy in my new duds! now forwards to with the new domain extension created by WordPress. Read more about .blog extension for your blog here.

I have the option to renew 11/03/17. It may not be accessible after that date. Please adjust your bookmarks.

Thanks! Looking forward to having yet more blogging fun at this new domain :) :)

#WeekendCoffeeShare – My Life as Café au lait

Hello there. If we were having coffee I would offer you cream and sugar but I would take mine black … usually. Today we had milk so I poured some into my black coffee making it a Café au lait. It was a good week at work using my new flat screen to project my lessons to the students. That thing has a lot of potential.
UntitledIt’s Sunday as I’m writing this and then I have just one more week of teaching before my Winter break starts. I’m looking forward to reflecting on my year in blogging and setting the ground work for blogging projects in 2017.

I’ve been turning attention back to this primary blog: Riley Central where my first interests in blogging started. Reviewing films continues to be a passion as well. You’ll find them here first as minimal thoughts with text only and soon after cross posted at Riley on Film in a dynamic presentation and some photos. If you come here for my reviews, I’d be much obliged if you set your bookmarks to Riley on Film and follow me there. This blog aims to be a more personal blog, less niche in reviews than the other one.

I’ve come up with a flowchart to blog from every day. It includes photoblogging, diary blogging, movie reviews, and my longstanding weekly column.

On a personal note, I have a bike now and hope to use it more. It’s like an apple a day, the bike keeps the doctor away. Easier said than done! My movie podcast is going well also. We are over 30 episodes strong. Talking Stars is where I and 3 other people (plus guests) talk about movies.

Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and modeling lessons for my students via a laptop, a doc camera, and a giant flat screen. Gotta love the tools!