Taper | The Daily Post Writing Prompt

How to taper down to a peaceful night after work.

The first thought that entered my mind when I read the writing prompt “Taper” was the idea of slowing down after a hard work day. Work uses the fight of flight state of mind to get its work done. We blame and often don’t even personalize the people we work with. It’s so important to take a bit of time to collect oneself after the work day and prepare ones mind for family needs. Getting the two mindsets mixed is not a good idea. You may find yourself agitating and upsetting your family unless you take the time to relax and disconnect from work. I guess the million dollar question is how? Here are a few ideas. Read these and their full descriptions at tinypulse:

1. Go for a walk

2. Paint

3. Turn your screens off

4. Cook a great meal

5. Go out for dinner

6. Watch comedies or funny videos

7. Listen to music

Writing Prompt Source: Taper | The Daily Post

Looking up at 48 – The Damien Riley Podcast

Well here I am looking up at 48 years old. My online diary entry for June 6, 2017. I’ll be turning 48 years old this Friday and I have to say I prefer 48 to 38, even to 28 because I know where all the “good stuff” is so I don’t have to waste any time looking for it. Listen to the rest of my audio post below.

The hardest thing is cutting out the “time wasters” one can freely enjoy in his twenties and thirties. Now I know that time’s going by quickly and in two years I’ll be 50 years old so I don’t want to be wasting as much time as I used to. Whereas I might have had 5 blogs when I was 30, I’ll only have 3 at 48. Some may find that funny because they have a hard time with one.

And I definitely have a hard time with 3 but I like to challenge myself and really I need three blogs for the way I express myself and the ways that I sometimes make money. I currently make about $100 a month. There were times I made 300-500 but tat was not on my own terms so the amounts I make these days are very meaningful.

I really do enjoy doing movie reviews these days. I fell into a podcast partnership with Darren Lucas and we have a lot of fun doing the Talking Stars Podcast. We are a team of 3 filmcritics (Including the third who is Kira Comerford) and we simply talk about movies on our own podcast.

I have my rileycentral.blog going strong. That’s been hanging around since 2005. It’s where all my online stuff comes together, including an online space for my column and online diary.

I’m looking forward to a short break from teaching this Summer but thrilled to start with my new class for next year. New challenges and rewards! Most of all, fostering growth in students.

I hope to get comments from more of you in 2017-2018! That would be an awesome birthday present that keeps on giving ;)

Zombies & Zombies

Everybody knows what a zombie is, now. They’re the biggest thing on serial television. The Walking Dead has been cool here and there and my family has gathered around the tv to discover new ways of stabbing them in the head, with a little drama thrown in. This show has taken the AMC viewers by … Continue reading Zombies & Zombies

Everybody knows what a zombie is, now. They’re the biggest thing on serial television. The Walking Dead has been cool here and there and my family has gathered around the tv to discover new ways of stabbing them in the head, with a little drama thrown in. This show has taken the AMC viewers by storm. There is even an interview show after every episode where “Magic the Gathering” types laugh and snort about storyline and foreshadowing.

Tonight were watching The Fear of the Walking Dead: a prequel to the show named by the last three words. Like the usual tension in Zombie shows, there’s an interplay between taking care of your own health against the walking Zombies who’ve been overtaken by some sort of viral plague. Is that redundant? At any rate, tonight we watch Zombies for a change. It’s a good thing too because the Zombies I saw last left me hungry. Hee hee. #fearthewalkingdead is the hashtag for this new Zombie trek. If I get a chance I’ll post a review of this weeks episode.

The Gen Letter Monsters

“I bought the books, the records, and the politics. I gave all I had I was supposed to give and there were times when I felt like a human being.” -Mike Peters of The Alarm, “Majority

The-Alarm-The-Deceiver-216949That my friends is a kickass song. Few people know it because it was a B-side to a 45 of a now scattered post punk band of the 80’s called The Alarm. They were/are my favorite band. I chose this quote because to me it sums up social science propoganda like naming generations names so well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

gen-x-yJust like a traveling medicine show, generations come through the great timeline we are all on while we’re alive. Their appearance is different but their impact the same. Generation social science thinks it’s on the cutting edge with real answers but the human condition never changes and being labeled as a generation provides no real comfort or connection.

I want to sit down with more 90 year olds and talk about WWII. I want to have a beer with a Vietnam vet and see what he knows. I just watched “American Sniper” and learned that though the weapons have increased in tech, they still drift drop to the bottom of a bottomless lake when we get shot by them.

Hello? Are listening Gen Y? Gen Z? I’ll bet Gen X is more or less unaffected by Generation letters anymore. I wonder if Y and Z care much. I’d hope we get more open minded as the years progress. I know for almost certain there is no more place for Christianity. Any generation can deconstruct it now as ignorant. Many still use it to their ends but judging those who don’t isn’t Christ-like. Bee part of the human timeline that doesn’t behold itself. If the labels help, fine but seek to feel without the books, the records, and the politics. Only then should you attempt to label yourself or ever dare go to church. The answers lie within and we are the only night lights to keep away the gen letter monsters.

my CAN Blog Stats February 2010

I’m 7 days late in writing this monthly blog stat post. Perhaps it’s because I experienced so much change in my blogging that I had no space to think about it in my brain. In February I did something gargantuan like the Kraken in Clash of the Titans. While some people are giving away a Bluetooth headset to their 1,000th visitor etc, I am now blogging with far less ambition. My drive to produce quality content is still there, but I’ve toned it way down. This is most clearly shown in how I merged all three of my blogs into this one. Damien at the Speed of Life is now my one and only blog. I’ll probably have more to say about it later but for now I will tell you it is a pleasurable feeling with only one “house to keep in order.” Here are my stats the first month after merging:

Circulation: Backlinks may be weird this month. I applied a 301 redirect with a wildcard. That means that a post that was once h ttp://rileycentral.net/class will be redirected to rileycentral.net/class and so on throughout the old blog being migrated. Inlinks for February: 5,211 (source Yahoo Site Explorer).

Analytics: Traffic of course surged. Redirects from the 2 old domains is causing this. Time will tell if I sustan numbers like these. Visitors in Feb: 6,180

Net: Currently my 2 income sources are Google Adsense and a company called PayU2Blog that I highly recommend you try writing for. They do have very strict guidelines though. Know that before you apply. In February I made: $160 Google Adsense and $110 from PayU2Blog. I also made $16.25 from TextLink Ads but they have dropped me from their service. They say they will re-evaluate my blog later to see if I qualify again. They were a pretty solid $20-50 a month when I had three blogs so I hope they’ll take me on again. Total NET for Feb: $286.75 I don’t know that March will be this high but I am still getting work from PayU2Blog and the other day I made over $5 on Adsense so things look hopeful. I am mostly glad I have less to maintain so I can spend more time with my wife and kids and less time managing three lightly visited blogs.