Beware of El Niño

Beware of El Niño!

Today I spent a lot of time and energy driving to Lowes and then Home Depot looking for a fireplace grate. They were both sold out! I learned this is a seasonal item and quite frequently one that sells out. My grate at home has melted over the ten years we’ve lived here. I’m not even sure how old it was when we moved in.

Going into Home Depot, the rain had started. I saw this sign in their window and was struck by it. It reminded me of the people who exert fear to make a sale. It’s just now Winter and we have seen the dryest season ever. Still, the news reports are all preaching virtually the end times weather that is coming in the form of El Niño. We need rain badly, moreover snow to fill our aqueducts. I hope for it, but will believe in this “El Niño” when I see it.

For the time being, I just bought another tractor scoop of wood and ordered my fireplace grate through Amazon. I guess you could say I’m “ready” for the child (El Niño).