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Hi readers. This year I saw a lot of changes on my blog. First I give the the data, then I talk a little:

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By happenstance, WordPress.com’s Daily Post could NOT receive pings from damienriley.com so I switched to rileycentral.net which had been dormant for a few years. It worked to ping WordPress and thereby get the word out more about my blog. I will be letting damienriley.com go I think when it expires, it does nothing for me. Until then, it forwards to rileycentral.blog

I got really gung ho about Riley Central again. I used it as a place “where all my online stuff comes together.” In other words, it was, and still is, a syndication spot for all my blogs and online stuff like Tumblr and Flickr. I write original material there as well. I crossposted everything to that blog and learned a lot about crossposting (syndication) along the way. I recommend a syndication place for everyone. If for nothing else, it becomes a backup of all your work elsewhere.

Probably the most significant milestone of 2016 was my movie critic hat. I have reviewed movies on websites and blogs I’ve started since the late 1990’s. I hadn’t taken it very seriously until 2016. I joined the LAMB, the Large Ass Movie Database, and they required a film niche blog for acceptance (actually they are fairly allowing but I wanted a specific film reviewing blog). Darren Lucas referred me to the LAMB and it really got me serious about movie blogging. Thank you Darren (again). That blog is now “Riley Film Reviews” rileyfilm.reviews As you can see I have taken advantage of the new domain extensions now available!

A final note must include the podcast Darren and I started. I am nowhere near as cool as him in the niche. Still, I know a lot about the technical side of blogging and podcasting. Together and relying mostly on his coolness we have made gradual improvement and success in the number of visitors to our podcast. It’s a movie podcast he titled “Talking Stars.” That domain is talkingstarspodcast.com

In 2017, I plan to continue these projects. I feel as if I’m in a very good place right now. The biggest challenge to me and to any blogger seeking to succeed in 2017 for that matter, is: create great, fucking-amazing content first and effective social media second. Happy New Year!

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